Disicide Starter Kit White

Hospital grade disinfectant starter kit for hair and beauty salons, barbershops, tattoo studios and spas.

Hospital grade disinfection for Barber, Hair & Beauty Salons, Tattoo studios and Spas.

The Kit Contains:

  • Large Glass Jar, 1100ml
  • Disicide Concentrate, 600ml
  • Disicide Spray, 1000ml
  • Disicide Wipes, 100pcs
  • Disicide Plus+ Concentrate, 1000ml
  • Disicide Plus+ Spray, 300ml

Vegan and environmentally friendly biocidal product that is safe for the user.  Proven effective against bacterias and virus.

Disinfectant, fungicide and virucide.

Water based solvent free product with a mild odour that is easy to use and cost effective.

In January 2020 Disicide® were awarded with the Vegan Certificate and Green Saloon.

This means that all Disicide® products are free of animal ingredients and are never tested on animals.

In addition, the Green Saloon award confirms that all Disicide® products contain no substances that are problematic to humans or the environment.


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