Cling Rollers & Carry Bag

Clear Carry Bag containing Small and Large Cling Rollers.

The Cling Rollers Bag contains:

  • 1x Pack Small Red 13mm
  • 1x Pack Small blue 15mm
  • 1x Pack Small green 20mm
  • 1x Pack Small pink 25mm
  • 1x Pack Ligh Blue 28mm
  • 1x Pack Yellow 32mm
  • 1x Pack Large Red 36mm
  • 1x Pac Large Blue 40mm
  • 1x Pack Large Pink 44mm
  • 1x Pack Large Green 48mm
  • Supplied in a large clear PVC zip-up bag.

All packs of Cling Rollers contain 12 rollers in each, therefore 120 rollers in the bag in total.