Trimmercide Air Duster Spray

For a prolonged lifespan of your tools.

Trimmercide Air Duster Spray blows away fluff, dust and other dry impurities from trimmers, hairdryers and other tools where wet cleaning cannot be used.  It leaves no deposits behind.

The Trimmercide range is a professional grade multi-purpose trimmer and blade clean and care product for barbers, salons, pet groomers and vets.  The range significantly extends the lifespan of clipper and trimmer blades by preventing corrosion and rust, preserving their sharpness and functionality over time.  By regularly using Trimmercide you are investing in cost-efficiency.  Regular maintenance can prevent the need for frequent blade replacements, ultimately saving money and wastage over time.

VEGAN - certified vegan by The Vegan Society for using no animal ingredients and never testing on animals.