Head Jog U44 Clipper Comb

Premium comb made from Ultem plastic for superior results.

A clipper comb made from Ultem plastic with patented fine teeth and a sectioning tooth.

Features and benefits of the combs include:

  • High strength and durability;
  • Superior thermal resistance (perfect for use with a hairdryer or straightener);
  • Static-free to help prevent frizz and fly-away hairs;
  • Chemical resistant;
  • Patented fine teeth with a flute design helping to lift and hold hair;
  • Sectioning tooth at the top end of the comb for convenience;
  • Rounded teeth that are gentle on the scalp;
  • Anti-slip texture for extra grip.

The Head Jog Ultem Combs are available in U9 (X-Long Pintail Comb), U4 (Cutting Comb), U42 (Large Cutting Comb), U43 (Giant Cutting Comb) and U44 (Clipper Comb).


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