Head Jog 73

63mm Ceramic Wooden Radial Brush.

Nylon bristle radial brushes with Ceramic coated barrels create a smooth polished effect with added natural shine.

With ergonomically designed handles for easy grip and maximum control.

Ceramic barrels aid against static build-up.

Vent holes allow warm air to circulate at the roots of the hair, to allow fast and effective blow-drying and styling.

Available in 7 sizes to suit all hair lengths and types:

  • Head Jog 54 (16mm)
  • Head Jog 55 (25mm)
  • Head Jog 56 (33mm)
  • Head Jog 57 (38mm)
  • Head Jog 58 (43mm)
  • Head Jog 72 (53mm)
  • Head Jog 73 (63mm)
  • Head Jog 74 (Paddle)

Head Jog.. Fitness for Hair.

Barcode: 5031291610864