Parlux Alyon Night Blue & Magic Sense Diffuser Gift Set

Parlux gift set complete with the Parlux Alyon Night Blue Antibacterial, the Parlux MagicSense Diffuser and 2 precision nozzles.

The ultimate professional experience, now available in a gift set complete with the Parlux Alyon Night Blue Antibacterial, the Parlux Magic Sense® Diffuser and two precision nozzles. 

Parlux Alyon Antibacterial

The Parlux Alyon is the new must have professional hairdryer, as a result of over 40 years of Parlux research and development.  The Parlux Alyon, a name which evokes the meaning of power, is a combination of technology and innovation, two characteristics also expressed by it's unique prismatic finish.

Features & Benefits:

  • NEW motor: K-Advance Plus®
  • 2250 Watt/ Airflow: 84 m3/h makes the Alyon the most powerful Parlux yet!
  • The NEW patent pending HFS (Hair Free System) allowing the user to keep their hairdryer clean of hair with a simple daily action
  • New variable geometry heating element to ensure an even more stable temperature distribution
  • "Air Ionizer Tech" ionic technology
  • "Anti-Heating" of front case
  • SOFT Switches for comfort of use
  • Lighter weight ergonomic deisgn
  • Less noise - incorporated silencer
  • 2 speeds / 4 temperatures / cold shot button
  • 3 meter cable
  • Supplied with 2 nozzles

The brand new Antibacterial treatment, currently only available in the Night Blue colour, is a special certified anti-microbial treatment paint*, enriched with silver powder, which creates an unfavourable surface for the proliferation of micro-organisms and helps to maintain hygiene during use.

Parlux Magic Sense® Diffuser

The Parlux Magic Sense® Diffuser is the special diffuser that revolutionises how you dry curls, to obtain a natural effect quickly.

It's ideal size and distribution of openings are designed to create the perfect combination of temperature and airflow.

Aswell as drying the hair faster, the diffuser dries the roots without dehydrating the tips, therefore reducing frizz.

The special innovative design features an external cover with an anti-heating system making it more comfortable to use, and 15 special massaging prongs to provide a pleasant and stimulating sensation on the scalp.

Universally suitable for all Parlux hairdryers (expect the Parlux 385 and the Parlux 3500).

*Please note that the anti-microbial treatment prevents the proliferation of bacteria but does not protect against the virus of this current health pandemic.


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