Head Jog Gold Thermal Ceramic Brush Deal

16 piece Gold Thermal Ceramic brush deal complete with a stylish wooden brush stand.

The Head Jog Gold Ceramic Brush range.  The Stand Deal contains 16 pieces - 4 of each brush plus a stylish wooden stand.  Great for salon retail!

Mixed bristle (boar & Nylon) radial brushes with silver ceramic coated barrels create a smooth polished effect with added natural shine.

Ceramic barrels aid against static build-up.

With ergonomically, lightweight, designed handles for easy grip and maximum control.

Vent holes allow warm air to circulate at the roots of the hair, to allow fast and effective blow-drying and styling.

Available in 4 sizes to suit all hair lengths and types: HJ 117-25mm, HJ 118-34mm, HJ 119-43mm & HJ 120-53mm.

The wooden brush stand is also available to purchase separately.